Towards A Theology Of Self Defense

Work Your Way

"Towards A Christian Theology Of Self Defense"

it's Role In looking After Those Around Us

image of king Zygmunt III And Title cover page for Towards A Christian Theology Of Self Defense

Here are some of the topic we will work through:

What is The Self Defense Controversy

God Allows Violence And It Is Controversial

Will God Ever Allow Any Physical Harm To His Own?

The Problems I Have With The Passive Christianity

Love May Sometimes Require Us To Refuse To Stand By

Jesus Defended Himself and His Disciples

Ezra, Nehemiah, David, Solomon, Being People Of Peace

A Time To Be Prepared To Fight, Protect Wives And Households

The Spoken Word, The Law, Armageddon, The Kingdom Of God

"Towards A Christian Theology Of Self Defense" is just what it's name implies: it is a document that is working towards a functional and orthodox approach to self defense. It is not, nor is it intended to be comprehensive but it will, I hope simulate your thinking.

If you are a martial artist, a police officer, in the protective services, or in the military and you are a Christian, this is a topic that is most certainly on your mind... or should be.

So Start your thinking:

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"Towards A Christian Theology Of Self Defense"

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