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Traditional Gi (Judo Uniform) folding

There are of course lots of ways to fold a gi and in many clubs; might I say most, nobody cares as long as it is looked after. However there is a tradition way and there will, or should come a time in the Judo career of us all, when we will want to do everything or at least some things, traditionally.

Personally I find, not only a sense of satisfaction of doing something traditionally but a real sense of comfort to know that everything is under control. It helps give me a sence of harmony by making me focus on the task at hand.

Doing something traditionally helps create order in a chaotic world.

It's funny that I feel this way, since my club is considered by many, to be one of the least traditional

Anyway I still think folding your gi in the traditional way, at least occasionally is a to a a worthwhile thing to know and here is how you do it:

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