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Safty Podcasts

Here are some really great podcasts. They are put together by a group called Kid Power and in term of Self Defence for kids I think that Erika, who presents them shows that the organization really gets it.

Stand Tall: Respect and Affect

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These are designed for both adults and kids to listen too:

Different Ways to Play

Here we have a story told of two children who have very different ways of signaling they want to play, and how misunderstanding was resolved and managed. The need to understand how each of us communicate particularly children is vital to better relationships.

Solve it Yourself?

Adults want kids to learn to deal with problems. That's why they sometimes say things like, "I want you to solve it yourself," or "Figure it out on your own." And if you spilled a bunch of pencils, you do need to solve it yourself. But if the problem you're dealing with is one you have no idea how to solve, or if you don't know how to do the work safely, or if you can tell that what you are trying is not effective because the problem is getting bigger instead of better, then you need help. Persisting until you get adult help is important.

I think this also help adults to try and understand what sort of help kids are looking for.

Safety Screens

If you make a mistake by saying something hurtful, you can work to make things better by apologizing and by learning how to make different choices in the future. That's one way a mistake can actually lead people to make a relationship stronger.

'Tattling' and 'Telling,': What's the Difference?

One of the biggest difficulties of the mate ship code in the Australian culture is the concept of not dobbing, or telling on you mates. But sometimes there are serious dangers in not telling. This podcast goes a long way to helping resolve this conflict.

Enduring Affection

One of my biggest bug bears when it comes to kids is adults not having a clue when heaping affection on children. In this session such attention is confronted front on but with sensitivity.

Look Around, Not Just at the Ground

Don't walk with your nose in the air or you head to the ground. You may miss something you wouldn't want to or trip over something you wish you didn't miss.

Stranger Safety ~ What Rhymes with Ranger?

"Danger Stranger" is a concept that was well intentioned but poorly thought through. Sometimes a stranger might be just the person you need.

Safety Tools for Safety Problems

Tools work best when we match the tool to the problem that we're facing. This is true for hand tools like hammers and screwdrivers, and it's true for safety tools, as well.

Danger Ahead ~ Emailing While Angry

When we're triggered or exploded with any feeling ­ like sadness, fear or anger ­ it's hard to think clearly and make wise choices for ourselves. Next time you're angry and ready to give someone an electronic piece of your mind, think first!

Your Internal Safety Alarm

We all have one we should all learn how to use it.

Think Before Sneaking Up

Not everyone enjoys a surprise.

Earphones and Awareness

How do you decide when to use your earphones? Adults get to choose for themselves, and children get to choose within the boundaries their adults give. The truth is, wearing earphones can interfere with awareness, so Thinking First about where you are, what you are doing, and what possible problems might come up helps you figure out the best choice for you in different situations.