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Basic Japanese For Judoka

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This page is all about Basic Japanese words and basic greeting Japanese and the basic Japanese phrase for judo instruction, your judo technique and throwing technique.

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Traditionally, Japanese is written from top to bottom, starting in the upper right-hand corner. But it's also written horizontally and from left to right.

The Japanese characters consist of three different sets of writing forms: Kanji, Hiragana, and Katak.

Kanji: Japanese adopted characters and vocabulary from the Chinese in 5th century (although they're unrelated grammatically). These Chinese characters are called Kanji. The Japanese government has approved a basic list of 1850 characters to be mastered by grade 9.

There are close to 50,000 Kanji characters that exist

Hiragana: There are 46 Hiragana characters. These are used for writing authentically Japanese words, and also often for particles and endings of words spelled in Kanji.

Katakana: Often used for writing English and other foreign words and names in Japanese. All characters of Hiragana and Katakana represent one syllable.

Some Basic Japanese Expression

a = as in father, America
e = as in education, edge
i = as in easiest
o = as in old, oath
u = as in pull,full
(pronounce as oo in soon)

 English  Japanese
 yes  hai
 no  iie
 please  dozo
 thank you  arigato
 thank you very much  domo arigato
 you're welcome  do itashi-mashite
 good morning  ohayo gozaimasu
 good afternoon  kon nichiwa
 good evening  kon banwa
 good night  oyasumi nasai
 good bye  sayonara


Japanese Number image

 English  Japanese
 one(1)  ichi
 two (2)  ni
 three (3)  san
 four (4)  shi (yon, yo)
 five (5)  go
 six (6)  roku
 seven (7)  shichi (nana)
 eight (8)  hachi
 nine (9)  ku (kyu)
 ten (10)  ju
 eleven (11)  ju-ichi
 twelve (12)  ju-ni
 thirteen (13)  ju-san
 fourteen (14)  ju-shi
 twenty (20)  ni-ju
 twenty-one (21)  ni-ju-ichi
 thirty (30)  san-ju
 fifty (50)  go-ju
 hundred (100)  hyaku
 thousand (1000)  sen

Basic Japanese for Judoka

English Japanese
training hall dojo
knee hiza
standing in a crouched defensive position Jigotai
upper seat, front seat jo-seki
gentle way judo
judo suit judogi
judoist judoka
cross Juji
countering technique kaeshi waza
throw Kake
upper body Kami
shoulder / model technique kata
Judo Headquarters - Tokyo, Japan Kodokan
hip koshi
modified (hold) kuzure
breaking the opponent's balance kuzushi
surrender; to give up Maitta
wait matte
right (direction) migi
chest mune
throwing technique nage waza
grappling techniques Newaza
major: great O
belt obi
sliding Okuri
holding: immobilization; hold is on and time is to begin Osaekomi
hold is broken and time should stop Osaekomi toketa
holding technique Osaekomi- waza
drop down Otoshi
free practice randori
combination technique renraku waza
teacher, instructor sensei
bow to the teacher sensei ni rei
competition shiai
professor Shihan
four corners Shiho
strangle; choke technique shime waza
body control tai sabaki
mat tatami
person initiating technique Tori
person receiving technique uke
technique waza
stop yame
side yoko

Terms used by Referees

English Japanese
Warning Chui
begin: first Hajime
call For Decision(Used When Referee Can't Decide Winner) Hantai
one point (in competition) ippon
Severe caution Keikoku
win Due To Withdrawal Of Injured Opponent Kiken Gachi
Almost Yuko Koka
Loss Make
meditation mokuso
cease Meditation Mokuso Yame
Contest Shiai
Minor warning Shido
Stay as you are Soromama
half point (in competition) waza-ari
addition Of Two Waza Ari (Ippon) Wazaari-awasete-ippon
win by superiority Yusei-gachi

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