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Learn the Secrets of Judo Throws!

Learn good Judo technique.
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Well these days there is probably not that much of a secret about Judo.

Or is there?

Why do you need a Judo teacher anyway when you can read all there is to know about judo in books or on the Net?

Stand Tall: Respect and Affect

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There are 40 thorw in the basic sylibus 67 in the expanded and you can see a very good list with demonstrations when you click on the images at the Judo Information Site. But there is a lot that a long term Judo student would learn that is not that well known by the general Martial arts community. Many Students from other Martial arts, that are willing to hang in there, are surprised at the depth of things that there is to know in Judo.

Don't get me wrong you can difinatly learn the basics of judo thorwing quite quikly and easily. Never-the-less the only way you can get a proper judo education is with and instructor. Many beginner students, often those who have come from other Martial arts, have so much wrong that it can take some time to fix before they can advance.

I have an ever growing display and disussion of thorws on my blog because Judo is much more subtle than some would imagine and takes a lot of work. I have had students say to me that compared to the other Martial art Judo is very hard. This is why I'm not concerned about people seeing Judo taught on the web. Because I know that without an instructor there is a good chance they will get it wrong and miss out on a lot of other stuff along the way.

Judo Video's on YouTube

Still reading? (Truly there is a much better selection of thorws on my blog )
However these are some teaching videos that I have found on "You Tube". I am trying to pick carefully as some of them are not the best and some are disturbingly wrong. So don't be caught by thinking that because it is on You Tube its good.

Anyway here are the links that I think are OK (though they could be better):

Hiza Garuma (Instruction)

Sasae Tsuri-Komi Ashi (Instruction)

O soto Gari (Instruction)

Tsurikomi Goshi (instruction)