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"My Goals For The Newport Judo Club"

Newport Judo Goals

In the context of My Vision for Newport Judo here I will outline my goals for the Newport Judo club:

Stand Tall: Respect and Affect

Thursdays During School Term
6:00PM - 7:00PM Juniors
7:00PM - 7:30PM Junior Advanced
7:30PM - 9:00PM U/16's, Seniors

Newport Baptist Church Hall
26 Mason Street Newport
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Postal Address
17 Fifth Avenue
Altona North, 3025


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  1. The Club Is To Be First And Foremost To Be A Place Of Safety

  2. Not the kind of safety that non Judoka try to promote. Judo by it's nature is not safe by that standard. However: “Everybody can and has the right to feel safe at all times.

    This will be achieved not just through leaning how to throw and fall safely but though teaching principals that help students to learn how to FEEL safe at all times.

    By leaning how to fall and throw safely and understanding the principals of feeling safe, students will build confidence and personal presence that will hold them in good stead through life's storm.

  3. The Club Is To Be To Be A Place That Builds Strong Life Skills

  4. The club should foster skills that develop strong relationships. Students should learn about good social skills. They should be comfortable to share freely whilst understand boundaries.

    Hence Judoka are enabled to build strong relationships all the time knowing what is appropriate to share and whether the appropriate person to share that with is inside or outside the club. Fun will be encouraged but never at the expense of serious learning.

    In addition to the bonding that natually develops with any close contact activitiy, these skills will be acquired though the understanding of respect and the place of etiquette. Students will also be taught that “Nothing is so awful that they can't tell somebody about it”.

  5. The Club Is To Be A Place Of Personal And Spiritual Growth
  6. Seiryoku Saizen Katsuyo as stated above will be a integral part of Newport Judo.

    The club will also, where practical, have a regular Mokuso* at the end of class and through that, will be encouraged to come to understand how Seiryoku Saizen Katsuyo applies to our own lives.

  7. The Club Is To Be A Place For Learning Judo
  8. We will striving for the learning the gentle way ("JU" & "DO") for that is what the word Judo means and is what Judo is all about.

    Learning Judo is done by way of learning techniques of throwing, falling and control, both standing and on the ground. The learning of these techniques requires one to learn to cooperate with ones partner which will provide a practical basis that will assist in the students understanding of Seiryoku Saizen Katsuyo Jita Kyoei. This along with meditations (Mokuso) as described above, sets one on the path of gentleness.

    Therefore developing skill will be the primary goal of all Newport Judo practice. Competition will be encouraged but only to the extent that is develops skill. Development of these skill will be measured through regularly assessed through the use of assessment sheets. Development of skill will be regularly assessed through the use of assessment sheets.

* “Mokuso” in this context means a brief word or meditative thought