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The Meaning of Budo

"Bu" meaning war or martial, "do" meaning path or way. It comes from Buddhist Sanskrit meaning the 'path' to enlightenment*.

Stand Tall: Respect and Affect

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In other words the study of the discipline we practice, seeing if it can be improved and if it improves us.

In the dropdown menu above under "Bodo" you will find some of my musings on the philosophy of budo. I am fascinated as to it's relationship to martial arts in general and in particular Judo and it's philosophy. In other words the budo. In particular some things that Martial Arts Judo teaches me that my Christian faith also teaches me.

My musings have also lead me to the residcoving of the importance of the role that Seiryoku Saizen Katsuyo Jita Kyoei (Maximum Efficiency For Minimum Effort And Mutual Welfare And Benefit) plays in a Judoka's life in all it's nuances.

In particular I have been intrigued by the surprising and unexpected discovery of some things that Martial Arts and Judo teaches me about my Christian faith.

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* The Best Guide to Eastern Philosophy and Religion by Diane Morgan, Renaissance Books, New York, 2001, p.38