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More Basic Japanese Phrases for Judo

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I've created this page of More Basic Japanese Phrases for Judo because it was just too much information for the Basic Japanese Phrases page.

Japanese is a wonderful language and it is hard to believe, since we use so much english in our club that there is still so much Japanese used.

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I will admit that not all of it is used frequently but it is used and as can be seen here there is a lot to write down.

a = as in father, America
e = as in education, edge
i = as in easiest
o = as in old, oath
u = as in pull,full
(pronounce as oo in soon)


Striking Atemi
shoulder grab kata dori
wrist grab katate dori
straight strike shomen uchi
punch tsuki
side strike yokomen uchi


forward break fall mae ukemi
forward rolling break fall mae-mawari ukemi (zenpo kaiten ukemi)
break fall ukemi
back break fall ushiro ukemi
side break fall yoko ukemi
Sideways rolling break fall Yoko-Kaiten-Ukemi

Other Words

chin Ago
opponent aite
to coil your leg around opponent's Ieg Ashigarami
ankle ashikubi
toe ashiyubi
games asobi
head atama
Ordinary patten of walking Ayumi Ashi
small Chiisai
power; using one's strength small Chikara
waist or trunk Do
squeezing opponent's abdomen with legs Dojime
thank you doomo arigatoo gozaimashita
collar, lapel eri
win by default Fusensho
self defence technique go-shin-jutsu
naked: bare Hadaka
feet position hanmi
loss by violation of rules Hansoku-make
opposite; reverse Hantai
Kuzushi in 8 directions Happo no Kuzushi
stomach hara
fast Hayai
left hidari
elbow hiji
pull Hiki
pulling hand hikite
draw: tie; even Hikiwake
basic Hon
time Jikan
strangle; choke Jime
outside area Jogai
elevated section in dojo for high grade judoka Kamiza
knuckle; joint kansetsu
technique of armloeks Kansetsu waza
face Kao
light Karui
one-half Kataha
hard; stiff Katai
grappling / holding technique katame waza
hold, immobilize katameru
win Kate (Kachi)
method of artificial respiration for strangled person Katsu
praetice Keiko
Fighting Grip Kenka Yotsu
show of spirit by yelling Kiai
red Ko
neck kubi
holding/griping method kumi-kata
win because Opponent is accidentally injured ltami-wake
front, forward mae
Front movement control Mae Sabaki
Front-turn movement Control Mae-Mawari Sabaki
winding throw; to throw by rolling ; your body to the ground with opponent Makikomi
center Mannaka
Keiko Onegaishimasu means, " please praetice with me" masu
Rear sacrifice throws Masutemi Waza
thigh momo
both arms Morote
non-black belt holder mudansha
chest mune
throw nageru
escape practise ninji renshu
to make a very big motion Ohkiku
big; large Okii
salutation before practice or randori onegai shimasu
request onegai shimasu
request example Onegaishi
slow Osoi
push Osu
finish owari
bow Rei
bowing from standing position Ritsu rei
prop; support Sasae
formal kneeling posture seiza
samurai sitting seiza
back of body Senaka
contest area Shiaijo
knee walking shikko
strangle; choke Shime
choke, strangle shimeru
referee; umpire Shinpan
Moving forwards, sideways & backwards Shintai
posture shisei
down Shita
excuse shitsuree shimasu
natural standing posture Shizentai
front shomen
bow to the front shomen ni rei
sleeve sode
freeze, do not move sono mama
time has expired Sore-made
outer Soto
a little Sukoshi
scoop up Sukui
corner Sumi
self sacrifice: to throw opponent by throwing yourself Sutemi
sitting suwari
standing tachi
vertical Tate
hand te
wrist tekubi
move along side partner tenken
One's favorite/best technique Tokaiwaza
command of referee when form is broken Toketa
circular Tomce
Walking by bringing one foot up to another Tsugi Ashi
preparation; placing yourself in proper position at correct time before throwing opponent Tsukuri
toes and ball of foot Tsumasaki
pull and lift in circular motion similar to a hook Tsuri
lifting hand tsurite
strong Tsuyoi
practieing form by repeating technique many times with a partner Uchikomi
arm Ude
inner Uehi
backward, rear ushiro
Back movement control Ushiro Sabaki
changing Utsuri
up Uye
arm pit waki
Mr San
soft Yawarakai
Side sacrifice throws Yokosutemi Wasa
go: all right Yoshi
finger yubi
black belt holder yudansha
Black belt association Yudanshakai
less than a waza-ari (in competition) yuko
seated/kneeling bow zarei