I know, I Know! This is not strictly a size chart,
but I'm finding that the charts are not doing what people want.
There is always a difference in the size of the Judoka (Judo Student) and the size on the chart.
Not to mention that different manufacturers all seem to have a different version of what an inch or centimeter is.
So I’ve decided to write this little guide to choosing a Judo Gi (Uniform)

Judo Gi: A Guide To Choosing The Right Size

All Judo Gi Manufacturers operate on one principle in determining size for a uniform:

Now everybody knows that height is only a very approximate measurement for clothing.
There is a huge variation in length of arms, legs, chest and shoulder width.
But that is the system that is used and we have to find a way to work with it.

Here then is my suggestion:
Buying For A Child
If you are choosing for a child, choose two (2) sizes larger that the height of your child.
No it is not a mistake I said two 2 sizes larger than your child.
Yes it will be too big for your child but it is made of substantially natural fiber and it will shrink with washing.

Do Not Dry Judo Gi's in a Dryer
You must allow must  you child's Judo Gi to dry naturally or you will eventually end up with a uniform that will only fit the teddy bear.

"They will not shrink that much" I hear you say.
That is true but your child is also going to grow.
Especially with all the exercise they are going to get doing judo and other stuff.
There is nothing worse than spending all that money on something new only to have it be too small in a couple of months.

On top of that there are very strict guidelines for uniform dimensions when it comes to competition and whilst most competition administrators make allowances for children because of the growth factor, there are limits.

You may need to do some tucking and folding the first month or so or even some temporary taking up  if you are that way inclined but trust me it will be worth your while.

Do not cut to size.
Please do not cut anything off the uniform. Cutting does not allow for growth or shrinkage

Buying For An Adult
Now it gets a bit harder.
Adults don't grow in the same way as children but they do grow.
Some grow more than other.
Some grow more athletically, some more... well lets just say it's not athletically.
And uniforms still shrink so you have to allow for that.
But usually you have a greater time frame to work with than a few months.

So my rule of thumb is buy one (1) full size above your height.

Now I said one (1) full size not 1/2 size.
I have found that this usually works for me and most of my senior students.
But whatever you do don't buy exact size.
Always buy bigger because, apart from the discomfort and sometimes, embarrassment of having to wear a judo suit that is too small for you, you don't want to get caught at a competition with a uniform that is outside legal limits.
Much better to go to the trouble of having the uniform altered than face disqualification over some a silly as a suite.

That's it!
Simple really and isn't it better to have a simple rule to choose your Gi by that having to read all those charts.