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Learning To Fall Classes For Under 5 Year Old's

Are Worried About The Way Your Child Falls?

Children Fall And Get Up: But is Your Child Falling Correctly?

Would You Like Your Under 5 Year Old's To Learn Judo Designed Specifically For Them?

Stand Tall: Respect and Affect

Thursdays During School Term
4:15PM - 5PM U5's Learning To Fall
5:00PM - 6:00PM Over 5 Years
6:00PM - 7:00PM Juniors
7:00PM - 7:30PM Junior Advanced
7:30PM - 9:00PM U/16's, Seniors

Newport Baptist Church Hall
26 Mason Street Newport
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There are lots of things to consider when you are working with under 5 year old's. They are full of energy. They want to climb, jump, explore and are always wanting to be on the move.

Part of doing all of that however, is they are also going to fall. Mostly they fall without incident and every parent knows not to make a fuss of their child unless they really do hurt themselves. But sometimes they fall awkwardly and that is where many parents get concerned.

There is of course no guarantee but Judo may make a big difference to how they fall. In fact it may make a difference to how they carry themselves.

Judo is not like other Martial Arts

Judo for this age, is not like other Martial Art training, there is no kicking and punching just a lot of falling around and learning how to do it properly.

Judo is one of the few Martial Arts that concentrates on knowing how to fall. Student have to, because we spend most of our time throwing each other all over the place.

But is all that throwing safe?

The Judo that we teach at Newport Judo for under 5 year old's is modified, so that it is perfectly suited to little bodies.

Why have throwing at all?

Well, If you are going to be learning to fall you are going to have to fall at some time. Don't worry though, there is no solid floors, just soft mats and sometimes even big soft mats (Crash Mats) to fall on.

I started this class because I kept having parents come to me, asking if I could teach their under 5's how to fall, they were concerned about how they did it. So if you are concerned you are not alone.

This is a fun class!

We play games and do lots of activities that lead to falling in a safe way. The children are taught modified Judo throws and there is lots of running and jumping. This is not a competition class and children will not be taught how to fight. Though everything that they lean will be foundational should your child decide to go on to do Judo proper.

Class Times

Classes start at 4:15PM every Thursday night except school holidays. If your under 5 has siblings that are over 5 and don't want to be left out, then you can start them immediately after the "Learning To Fall Classes" in their own junoir Judo class at 5PM. So you don't have to muck around going home and coming back.

First Class is Free

In Both cases the first class is free, so come along and try to see if they like it, without obligation.

So if you would like your child to learn how to fall properly or even if you are just looking for a fun class for them, this is the class you are looking for. Bring your under 5 year old's an over along for some fun Learning To Fall doing Judo!

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