About Our Judo Teacher

My name is Richard Roper (Phone Number Below) I have been teaching Judo for some 20 years. I have been doing Judo since I was 9 years old. I am a second degree black belt (NiDan), Sports Trainer and Level 2 NCAS Coach. I am Married with 4 grown boys who have all started judo with me from the age of 5 Years old.

As I have been doing Judo for so long and have had extensive contest experience in that time I am well equipped to prepare the students (Judoka) for contest and I encourage but not require all my students to compete.

I am convinced of the benefits in both confronting self defence (Australian spelling of Defense), situations as well as the personal confidence that is developed to confront the every day challengers of life.

I have had extensive experience in running youth groups and Sunday schools as well as Leading young peoples and children's camps since I was 16. This I think has given me a unique insight to the issue that children and young people confront daily allowing me to better tailor much of my lesson plan for them. My intention behind this is to help prepare them for what ever may confront them.

My life experience with a growing family, my work with street people and drop-in centres as well as my travels have given me a prospective on how people should look after themselves in real life and varied situations. I take great care in passing this information on.

Judo has always been a spiritual experience for me. I choose to interpret this experience through my Christian faith. The spirit of Judo is not about the contest it is about self development. This is some thing that I encourage in all my students.

Ph.03-9391-4371 or Mob:0408-541-015
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