Below is the Physical component of the Self defense program as taught by our Judo teacher. There is no attempt to explain the moves in detail however you can download the full program here

Most of all it needs to be noted that the bulk of the moves outlined below are defensive rather than overtly aggressive. This is because Judo itself is not overtly aggressive, yet can still provide enough aggression to be more than just effective.

The Syllabus

Escape from Grips: One arm, Both arms & Sleeve grips

Escape from clothing (collars, sleeves etc.)

Escape from bear hugs

Escape from pulling hair

Escape from pins:- arms, body, ground & standing.

Points To Attack on the Body
as well as the Pros and Cons of doing so
(including discussion on Weapons, illegal and legal).

Avoiding Straight Punches

Avoiding Downward strike

Avoiding Full Powered strike

Avoiding Straight Kicks

Avoiding Side Kicks

Avoiding Rounding type Kicks

Learning How to Fall & Roll:
A Critical part of any good Self defence

Randomisd Self Defense Practice

Don't forget you can download the full program here