Weapons, illegal and legal
If you ever need to defend yourself in Victoria Australia "your response needs to be in proportion to the situation" and if you over react and severely injure someone who has not given you sufficient cause you, could find yourself in legal trouble.

Also it is illegal In the Sate Of Victoria (Australia) to carry anything for the purpose of using it as a weapon.

However provided the above two criteria are met, that is, your response is in proportion to the situation and the item used is not defined as or not carried for the purpose of being a weapon, it is within the law to use anything to hand to defend yourself in an attack.

Potent Points & Screaming:

Potent points fall readily under this law and therefore need to be Fully understood.

At Newport Judo I have a complete system that covers all this

In the program you will learn:

  • What I define as a Potent Point
  • How they differ from pressure point
  • How can someone work out how and when to use a Potent Point
  • About Screaming it's place and it's uses

You can download the entire program here