Newport Judo School Self Defense System

I started teaching Self defence in my classes a number of years ago, because I was constantly being asked by people to do so. I always thought it a strange request as I had always considered Judo to be an excellent form of self defense in itself. Still that was clearly not being communicated and so I developed a program.

There are many Self defence programs out there but more often than not they are:

  • Out of date
  • Promote psychological tactics that may be considered dubious to say the least
  • Rely too heavily on being unrealistically physical or
  • Cause pain inappropriately; some even resulting in the defender potentially going beyond the law and becoming the offender.

In short most of them do not work and those that do are probably only be suitable for adults.

The program I teach is, I think quite unique and is in constant development and obviously I try and avoid the other pitfalls as well.

I have broken the entire program into 2 parts:-

  1. The Semi Psychological Program
  2. The Physical Program is based on Judo
The Semi Psychological Program

The semi psychological Program relies heavily on The Protective Behaviors Program but the program itself does have it's limitations; in particular it makes use of very little physical Self Defence. Also Kids Power which as far as I can tell, are only available in the USA but they have an excellent Newsletter and Kids Power Podcasts.

Below is and outline of Newport Judo's Self Defence program:

Semi Psychological Self Defense Program

You can download the entire program here.
        "I have a right to feel safe at all times"
"Nothing is so awful that I can't tell somebody about it"
 Trust your Early warning signs 
 How is Fear is a friend

Thing you could do if you felt frightened:
 Walking confidently
 Using Voice

I Also Teach:
 Personal Safety Zones
 Running Away
 Building Safety Networks

Self Defense questions:   These are imperative because, not only will having thought through a situations or something similar assist in managing fear, it helps the judoka (students) to be creative in difficult circumstances as well as making them realize that each of our responses will be different and possibly unique.

Games:   Skills are practiced with children via awareness games and skill based games. Something like self defense may be very intimidating to a child so these help to make the learning easier. Besides children love to role play if it is fun.

Talks:   These help to introduce concepts that are hard to discuss otherwise. These talks are based on biblical examples as that is my background and it is what I am comfortable with. However I think you will see that they have much wider implications than just teaching moral attitudes.

Sometimes (healing)
  When the Terrorist attacks took place on the World Trade Center (9/11) there were a lot of children having a lot of difficulty dealing with it in the club. As part of my own grief process I wrote this. Almost out of desperation to help the children that were most affected I decided to read it to them. It seemed to help so I left it in the program.

The Physical Program is based on Judo.

The above is obviously only an outline. I hope it is enough for you to get an idea of one of the things I teach in the club.

Please contact me at: if you have any questions.

You Can Download the Entire program.


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